Having a working vehicle in this day and age is not only convenient, but has become a modern necessity. When vehicles breakdown, unwanted hassles can, and usually do occur.

Consider the following:
Costly Repairs
Time Delays
Stress Caused by Inconvenience

For a few dollars a month more, a service contract can reduce the worry, hassle, and expense of costly auto repairs

A service contract can get your next pre-owned vehicle serviced quickly and conveniently. Most service contracts will cover inconvenient and costly repair bills getting you back on the road in no time!

Most late model cars are composed of thousands of parts, any of which may break at any time. Repair costs could be anywhere between $200 and $2000 per breakdown. Maybe more! And keep in mind, even most dealers don't always know the vehicle history of the car you may be buying.

With a service contract, you save yourself the worry, hassle, and expense of repair costs. And the great thing is, YOU choose the level of protection for your vehicle.

Some service contracts provide basic coverage. Others have more comprehensive plans. Ask your dealer which best suits your vehicle.

Be sure and ask your dealer what sort of protection you're getting with your service contract. Depending on the service contract you choose, you could receive any or all of these benefits:
   Toll free hotlines.
   Repair bills paid.

When you consider the consequences,
you can't afford to NOT buy a service contract!

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